Making Unsedated Endoscopy a Reality!

EvoEndo® Model LE Single-Use

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Pending US FDA 510(k) clearance. Not available for sale in the U.S.

Making Unsedated Endoscopy a Reality!

EvoEndo Model LE Single-Use Transnasal Gastroscope

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Pending US FDA 510(k) clearance. Not available for sale in the U.S.

EvoEndo Scope

EvoEndo addresses critical clinical needs in endoscopy:

  • 3.5 mm scope fits nasal anatomy without needing anesthesia or sedation
  • 1.1 m length and 4-way steering allowing complete unsedated transnasal EGDs
  • 2 mm working channel accommodates standard accessories
  • Sterile single-use scope eliminates infection risk
  • 120° field of view and integrated air, water, and suction provide optimal visualization
  • HD Camera and EvoEndo Controller provide high resolution images and video

3.5 mm diameter

Existing transnasal gastroscopes have an outer diameter that is too large for many adults, making them inappropriate for unsedated pediatric use. The EvoEndo Scope’s 3.5 mm outer diameter is small enough for almost all noses, and does not require patients to be sedated during a diagnostic upper endoscopy.

4-way steering

The EvoEndo Scope has 4-way deflection capabilities, allowing physicians to perform a complete examination of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. The mirrored left/right wheels on the EvoEndo scope allow ambidextrous navigation, and the hybrid up/down thumb trigger provides intuitive steering when navigating complex anatomy.

2 mm working channel

The 2 mm working channel on the EvoEndo Scope accommodates standard and affordable pediatric biopsy forceps. Existing endoscopes with a small enough outer diameter often have a smaller channel requiring specialized and expensive forceps, driving up the cost of the procedure for hospitals and patients.

Sterile single-use

The risk of infection from contaminated endoscopes even after reprocessing continues to be a significant concern. The FDA continues to urge scope manufacturers to move toward disposable components or completely disposable systems to mitigate this risk. The EvoEndo Scope is one-time-use, making it safer for patients and more efficient for hospitals and physicians.

Integrated air, water, and suction lines and connectors

EvoEndo’s integrated air, water, and suction standard connectors make it simple to set up and start using our scope. The activation buttons on the scope handle allow physicians to quickly and easily administer air, water, and suction during a procedure to ensure optimal lens cleaning and visualization of the target anatomy.

HD Camera

The high definition camera in the EvoEndo Scope provides unparalleled visualization when compared to other single-use scopes, and has demonstrated comparable image quality to the market leaders in reusable endoscopes.

EvoEndo Controller

The EvoEndo Controller processes the video and image feed from the scope camera, and allows direct HDMI or USB output to any medical monitor or computer system. Our Controller can be easily configured to work with industry standard endoscopy reporting software, and is 6×8″ making it ultra portable and quick to clean after each procedure.

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