If you or your child needs an upper endoscopy, EvoEndo provides a safer, faster, and more affordable solution without the use of sedation or general anesthesia.

Less time and risk, better monitoring and care

Say goodbye to general anesthesia, fasting before procedures and hours missed from school and work. EvoEndo’s procedure can be done in one visit, which means one co-pay, no pre or post ops, but most importantly, better control and monitoring of disease.

An experience designed for kids!


Pediatric Comfort Kit

(Ages 5+ years)

Performing an unsedated transnasal endoscopy in a pediatric patient can be challenging for both the pediatric gastroenterologist and the patient, which is why EvoEndo provides an optional patient experience kit with each single-use endoscope. In the comfort kit, patients receive a take-home virtual reality goggle that can be customized with included EvoEndo character stickers, as well as a squeeze ball to enhance the patience experience.

The Evolution of Endoscopy



No general anesthesia
No infection risk with single-use
Faster diagnosis and results



Better control of disease
Better treatment for patient
Get a cool comfort kit



Shorter visits
Less time off work and school
No need to fast

Ellie holding goggles